........... #1 LARGE MARKET
This is something I discovered which is the reason for the success of the home based information provider. Did you know less than 20% of the people ever enter a book store or library? This sounds incredible to those of us so in love with information. That means that 80 percent of the market can only be reached through specific targeted media, i.e. Internet magazines, special interest publications and direct mail. WOW! Now you and I can easily market our homemade booklets and ebooks.

........... #2 LOW START-UP COSTS
I started my business with less than $200 and now have gross sales of over a million dollars! You can, too. I show you exactly how to do it in 
        "How to Start and Operate a Profitable Homemade Booklet Business"
and the bonus manuals.

Producing homemade booklets and ebooks does requires research and time. Very little money. I product my first new manuals by having spiral bound copies made at Office Depot, OfficeMax or Staples.  Of course ebooks are zero production costs.

........... #4 NO REAL COMPETITION
We in the homemade booklet and ebook business target small markets.... too small for the big publishers to worry about. They only want the big sellers but that's OK.  It leaves you and I to pick up the little nuggets by the side of the stream. Enough to make a nice living.

Everyday I think of a new idea for a homemade booklet or ebook. In my seminars students come up with hundreds. I get calls daily from people with great ideas for a homemade booklet or ebook. The testimonials I receive makes my heart happy that there are others enjoying the fun and excitement of a profitable business.

........... #6 INCOME LAST FOR YEARS
My first homemade booklet on how to make money buying and selling cars has been selling well since 1988. My homemade booklet on how to become a used car wholesaler published in 1990 has sold better than the first. And now I have another on importing exporting automobiles for fun and profit. I have friends who have the same experience. Simple information products produced at home can provide a stream of income for years and years and years.  I now market all these ebooks on the Internet
on how to get a car dealer license

In my seminars I jokingly say, "Don't quit your daytime job to start this business". That's what's so great about it. I started part-time in 1988.  I was making a few thousand a month. It was GREAT! It paid for those extras for the home, my toys and nice vacations. Together with my regular income we had NO money worries.

Fifteen years ago the company I was working for was down-sizing.  Everybody was worried except for me.  In fact I was just waiting for some offer.  Well they made it.  I took it.  Sold our home in Houston and moved to beautiful Colorado.  
Which leads us to the next reason.......

It doesn't matter where you live, city, town, village or in the remote mountains. 
This business can be up anywhere.  Selfpublishing homemade booklets and ebooks can be done anywhere!

You control everything.  No need to depend on anyone else. No boss, no employees.  JUST YOU.  Making all the decisions and keeping ALL the profits.

..........#10 NO 8 to 5 HUMDRUM
I work my own schedule. I'm a late person, so I usually stay up till midnight. Up at 8.  If you're willing to work hard, be dedicated and follow my exact directions,  this could be you someday.  Why not give it a try?


Q.  What if I don't know a subject well enough to write a booklet or ebook?

 A.  Oh, but you can.  I'll show you how to discover it.   Homemade Booklets and ebooks cover hundreds--no thousands of subjects.  You might think there is no homemade booklet or ebook  inside you, but you'll be writing good ones that are yours alone. 

Q.  How about the writing itself...isn't it difficult?

 A.  It requires application, but the writing is of the simplest kind.  If you can talk to someone, you can write to them.  When you make a list of things to do or write a note of instructions to a repairman you are using exposition, the same kind of writing we use in booklets.  Plus I'll show how to have someone else write your homemade booklets and ebooks.

Q.  Must booklets be artfully written? 

A.  Good writing is commendable, but no way required.  Fine or "literary" writing is out of place. Write just as you talk, but with a few changes I'll describe in detail.

Q.  Why are you so hard-headed about making the booklets yourself?

 A.  Because the bulk of the money when you're beginning is earned when you duplicate your writing.  Working at a small table in your home you now make a finished copy for a few cents.  Make the booklets as you need them.  You have complete control all the time.  An outside print shop or publisher would have to charge you several dollars a copy.

Q.  Why are you cautious about mail order?

 A.  Fortunes can be made by mail.  Use the mail, certainly.  What I resent is the junk, the farce, and the riffraff that pervades the mail order market.  I'll lift you above the tacky schemes with a clean, profitable mail technique designed expressly for booklet makers who work in today's different mail market and Internet sales.

Q.  I've tried before to sell my booklets by mail and the Internet.  Will your information help me with marketing?

A.  Yes, it certainly will.  I show you my basics of advertising; how to write classifieds like the ones that pull thousands of inquiries every month for me.  I'll show the secrets of sales letters that have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of my booklets.

You'll discover how to use the Internet to successfully market your homemade booklets and ebooks.

Q.  You are strongly hinting I can earn money with homemade booklets and ebooks.  How much?

A.  No one knows.  It's possible to flounder without a guide and earn almost nothing.  On the other hand, a homemade booklet or ebook will often sell over $100,000 (like three of mine) worth of copies.  Some booklets sell a few hundred copies quickly, then slow down gradually for one reason or another.  The most my single booklet has earned is $536,000 and one earned zero!  A few booklet makers claim to be extremely wealthy, but I don't believe they make it all from booklets.  I do know booklet makers frequently bring in $50,000 a year.  If I was a beginner that's the figure I'd shoot for.

Q.  Is there much competition?

A.  Not on your life, not for what you will have.  True, other persons are in the business -- you won't be alone.  But you will have a product that no one else can sell, your booklet.  You can't beat that.  Only the uninformed suffer competition.

Q.  What do I need to start?

A.  My instructions will help.  I'll show how to get your first booklet into print without equipment of your own.  Nor will you have to hire out the entire thing, because you will do most of the work.  By the time you have your second or third booklet, you be able to have them produced at $2.00 or less.  My clever methods get you going quickly, and starts earning money.  

Q.  Can you assure my success?

A.  Only you can do that.  Will you try?  I will help.  Since my standards are quite high, and I always give my readers their money's worth, testimonials have praised my books over the years: "useful, practical, worthwhile": to summarize them.  Now comes the best money making business I've ever written about--the homemade booklet business.  I can't imagine that you would fail... never start.