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Now you can now easily create and sell thousands of your own books and eBooks by self publishing, without the hassle of an agent, editor or publisher!
No need to share the profits of your hard work.  Keep 60 to 90% of the cover price in your pocket.

Imagine this  .... You walk out to your mail box and find it stuffed with orders for your latest  homemade booklet!  You hurry back into the house and quickly open the envelopes and stack the orders in one pile and the checks in another.  You nervously add up the orders and it comes to $355.75.... You think to yourself, not bad for one day!!!  And everyday you do it again.  Some days it's less, some days more.  But at the end of the year you total your sales of your homemade booklets have generated $107,456.  After you deduct your expenses you have $51,304 in profits!  Wow!!

Or how about doing the same with your web site selling simple ebooks that the buyer has immediate access to by download.  No printing costs and no shipping costs for an ebook!  This morning I've received $129.75 in eBooks sales!  And that's not from this ebook but from my other web sites on how to get a car dealer license.

 I also sell homemade booklets and eBooks which I have had ghost writers
 write for me.  I'll show you how to do that, too.

A Real Person Testimonial

"Hi, Don. I'm Harvey Gardner. I bought your manual "How To Start And Operate A Profitable Homemade Booklet Business" last April, nearly a year ago. I used a lot of your ideas and added a few from elsewhere, but mainly I used your advice as my guide to enter self publishing for a couple of books I wrote last year. Thanks for an excellent book and for excellent advice."
Gardner Publications, Hendersonville, TN                          




Now you will learn the inside secrets from a successful writer who has generated millions of dollars in sales by self publishing his 7 homemade booklets and eBooks!

Don Massey is considered one the nation's leading experts in inexpensive self publishing who has sold thousands of his own works.  Since since 1988 he has helped thousands learn how to do the same.  You'll find self publishing success stories in testimonials on this web site.   If you've been looking for the perfect  way to get your manuscript published and make money then you owe it to yourself to explore the information on this web site.  It is not a get rich quick program.  It takes work.  But, it's the least expensive way to be self published with the possibilities of fantastic personal and financial rewards. Are you Interested? Then you need to consider self publishing. 



If you have never written a word, I'll show you how you can have others write books for you!  
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Another Real Person Testimonial

July 15

Dear Friend,  

My friend Don Massey who owns this site asked me to write this letter to you.

My name is Bob Saffill and I'm that retired teacher.  I have a story to tell.  Won't you listen?  It may change your life.

I was struggling on a school teacher's salary several years ago when I ordered a manual on self publishing called "How to Start and Operate a Homemade Booklet Business".  It detailed how to start a business on self publishing and  selling something FREE..... information!  I studied it and wrote a small homemade booklet on hydroponics gardening and the rest is history.

It changed my life.  I have sold millions of dollars by self publishing products since then.  I don't want to mislead you, I'm not a millionaire but I do generate a very comfortable living for an old retired guy.  I'll soon be 82.  And I did it while taking care of my wife who has Alzheimer's.  So don't give me any excuses why you can't do self publishing.

Read ahead and Don is going to show you how you can do it  IF you have the guts to try it.  Excuse my bluntness but at my age I can be a little cantankerous.  I've earned it!

Oh, if you have doubts I'm real, visit my web site at 

By the way, there are a lot of other self publishing stuff out there.  Most require initial investments of thousands of dollars.  I started for less than $300.  Don, like me, has sold millions in self published works.  

He's an early retiree who just won't stop. Today he travels the world doing computer system training.  He's has trained thousands of folks in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.  He loves dishing out info and self publishing his homemade booklets and eBooks.

He even got me on the internet at 75!  Thanks, Don!

Your Friend,

Bob Saffill

Mayhill Press (Self publishing Empire)
422 Pasley
Winchester, KY 40391

P.S. If you want to trade rejection slips for checks, listen to what he has to say... he knows his stuff!  He's helped me immensely with my selfpublishing business! -




I now reveal all my secrets of starting a
home based self publishing business
 in the all new
"The Beginners Self Publishing
 & Creating eBooks Package"

            Let me begin by sharing a story. Twenty-five+ years ago when I first got interesting in writing I attended writer's clubs in Houston, Texas. After attending several meetings I was very discouraged. The meetings consisted of drinking coffee, eating pastries and a big pity party about the most recently received REJECTION SLIPS. Then everyone would break into groups and read to each other! Once in a while the resident "published" writer would show up and tell everyone about the latest contract. They would fawn and swoon about the ”celebrity".

             I am pragmatic. So excuse me if I offend. I found it so sad that a rejection slip was a badge of honor. Rejection..... a badge of honor? The meetings were a downer to me.

             I stopped going to those meetings used my time to find a way to do self publishing, how to be an author who sells books. I did.........

             What is your dream? Rejection slips or published works?

             Here's my dream converted to reality.  Self publishing!

            Working from a small office, I AUTHOR AND SELF PUBLISH SIMPLE HOMEMADE BOOKLETS AND EBOOKS. But sometimes I do earn money like a big corporation. Since 1988, my first $20 homemade booklet on cars, has grossed over $450,000.

Another one of my books has made over $478,000.The mentor who started me in this endeavor made one for photographers, earned $1,155 in one day, then $700 the day after that, and it just kept going...for about five years. MY homemade booklets, EBOOKS, TAPES and INFORMATION PRODUCTS HAVE NOW GROSSED OVER $2,000,000!  A self publishing empire!  You can do the same.  Read on…..

Another Real Person Testimonial

"Several years ago I purchased your self publishing manual, videos and audios.  I attended a seminar you held in Cleveland, Ohio as well.  Thanks to your information and inspiration I self published a book on gardening.  I'm very proud of "Free Landscape Plants!"  It has been featured in magazines and newspapers across the country.  I have created several videos, and now I have a web site all about growing landscape plants from scratch.  I teach folks how to start their own backyard nursery on 1/20 acre or less.  Just wanted to say thanks.  Anytime I became discouraged along the way,  I would just listen to the audio tapes again and get the fire burning.  Once again, thank you very much!
 Mike McGroarty, Mike's Backyard Nursery, Perry, OH


            IMAGINE yourself in my position: `YOUR HOMEMADE BOOKLET and EBOOK SALES ARE $200 TO $300 EVERY DAY, with an average three or four hours of clean work. The money is reason enough for doing it but you also enjoy having NO JOB, NO BOSS, and NO PRESSURE.  Nor must you contend with agents, publishers or editors. You do everything yourself!  You have your own self publishing empire!


But forgive me. Such statements could be mistaken for rude bragging. And who gives a twit about what I do? I mention this real-life testimonial only to suggest that you, too, can write a homemade booklet or eBook, and that you can earn money to the extent of your desire. (There! The cat is out of the bag.)

The suggestion is not an idle one. READ TO THE END OF THIS PAGE AND YOU'LL UNDERSTAND why the homemade booklet and eBook business is unlike any other in the world, and why IT’S A FAR BETTER ONE THAN OTHER SELF PUBLISHING PROJECTS.

You and I have the same right to express an opinion, to entertain, and to inform, that's enjoyed by large book publishing houses. But you and I have an advantage over the publishing giants; we have homemade booklets and eBooks. We can earn money on small projects that would be disastrous to big publishers. Only we, the little people, can write, assemble, and SELL A HOMEMADE BOOKLET OR EBOOK WITH EASE AND PROFIT OF SELF PUBLISHING.

Another Real Person Testimonial

             The info package that you authored and I bought was the actual inspiration for my writing a how-to book--The Computer T-shirt book........ the way you explained them--your style, attitude--that really turned me on. I have sold about a 1,000 books in six months on the net. Thanks for the introduction to profitable self publishing!
Bernie Klopp, Brainstorm Communications, Baltimore, Maryland


Dr. Clark Kerr, delivering a speech at the University of California, tells us that the PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION AND CONSUMPTION OF KNOWLEDGE IS SAID TO ACCOUNT FOR 29 PERCENT OF THE GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT...and that knowledge production is growing at about twice the rate of the rest of the economy.  It's the largest consumer industry, and it thrives in both good times and bad.  So now you can understand why self publishing homemade booklets and eBooks is such a great, never ending business!

And how do you reach this market?  Consider the magic of a few word symbols that can direct your homemade booklet or eBook to 95% of the people in America by MAIL OR THE INTERNET--right from your home.

What is a homemade booklet or an eBook? 
A "book" is a large number of typeset pages printed and bound by machinery in a complex manufacturing process.

A homemade booklet, ON THE OTHER HAND, IS A SIMPLE THING, its pages prepared from ordinary computer copy, stapled, spiral bound or loose leaf bound.  MOST homemade booklets CAN BE MADE IN LESS THAN A MINUTE. (There's your $25 product in less than a minute!)

Making one hundred homemade booklets a day is no feat; five hundred will leave you weary, but that's $10,000 in product!  Prices go from $20 to $60, with $25 being a common price.

An eBook you create with your computer and it costs nothing to produce.  No product to buy, no inventory.  No packing.  No shipping.  And the customer can have it in their hands in minutes after purchase!

You know (or can find) something that other people will pay to learn.  Note the simple themes of a few titles among the thousands that have made money:  "Operating a Recipe Exchange";  $200 a day From Your Pick-up"; "Baby's First Year";  "Building PVC Furniture"; "Antique Box Collecting".....Self-improvement, fun, moneymaking........


I'll show you how to pick the perfect topic for your profitable homemade booklet or eBook!

Another Real Person Testimonial


I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me. My first venture into information self publishing was very unprofitable. With the help of your manual I have had success with my computer assembly manual.  Don, sales are now more than I ever dreamed. I owe you a big thank you! Your manual and tapes are such a small price to pay when you consider what you get in return.

- Bill Sjostrom - WGSC Publications - Moreno Valley, CA.




With your self publishing business You can price your homemade booklets and eBooks higher than factory-made books, because they contain information more explicit, timely and precise.  Of acute interest to specific readers, your homemade booklets deliver value far greater than their cost.  The market is inexhaustible.  It can be reached only through your homemade booklet or eBook.

Big publisher's want the big bucks of millions sold.  Hey, that's OK with me!  That's the reason we homemade booklet and eBook makers have this ENORMOUS, UNFAILING MARKET, to ourselves.

 If your self publishing business does just three sales a day at $47 each,
 well that’s $51,465!

As an example, my fine new manual, "How to Start and Operate a Profitable Homemade Booklet Business", is available only from me, a homemade booklet and eBook maker.

 No other firm or business can supply my information.  Its value is extraordinary because it leads you, step-by-step, into SELFPUBLISHING THAT CAN SUPPORT YOU IN FINANCIAL SECURITY for the rest of your life.  Where could you buy that much value for less than the price of a homemade booklet?  No where!  I have sold thousands of copies thru magazine advertising and direct mail.  Now it is available as an eBook.

You will call your homemade booklets and eBooks elegant names such as manuals, programs, and reports, but they are all the same thing.  Their physical make-up is immaterial, just as the paper used by an attorney to draw a legal document does not reflect its value.  READERS BUY THE VALUE IN THE WRITTEN TEXT, not paper. (But I'm glad paper is cheap and an ebook even cheaper!)

Another Real Person Testimonial

    "Don Massey's manual 'How to Start and Operate a Profitable Homemade Booklet Business' is an excellent, no-non-sense, money making eBook  that anyone can benefit from. It is the piece of work that inspired me to write my own homemade booklet.  If I can do it, anyone can."
Garry Chernoff, author, "50 Idiot-proof Ways to Make Money on the Net"                  


Three elements concern the homemade booklet or eBook makers:  WRITING, PRODUCTION AND MARKETING.  All three are necessary, like the legs of a tripod.  My text, unlike others, thoroughly explains these three vital elements.  Here's a brief look...

WRITING: So you think you maybe you can't write a homemade booklet or an eBook.  Of course you can.   It's surprisingly easy

There is little to learn, but several things to unlearn.  You'll never feel timid or uneasy about writing on any subject you choose!  The writing section also includes the rare Ludwig Borne system for creative writing (probably the best "how-to" ever written). Published in 1823, the concise Borne system is now largely lost to the world.  But you'll have it.  Please don't let writing scare you.  I started as a poor writer, too. 

Remember, you'll be writing as well as you need to write within three days.  And YOU'LL LEARN NOT ONLY HOW TO WRITE YOUR homemade booklet OR EBOOK, BUT WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT. You'll discover:

* A sure-fire way to choose a subject that sells and sells
* Poison subjects to avoid
* How to cash in on your experience
* Homemade booklets and eBooks  that earn the most money (you'll be surprised)
* Turning old ideas into NEW homemade booklets and eBooks  that pay off
* And much more....


Really feel as if you can't write then I'll give you the lowdown or how to get someone else to write your homemade booklet or eBook.
CLICK HERE for details.

Another Real Person Testimonial


"I guess you could say that in a way we are one of Don Massey's success stories! After reading your book I wrote one of my own. It's a 42 page do-it-yourself on building a PVC garage. I currently have a 33% sales to inquiry ratio in Popular Mechanics and Classic Auto Restorer magazines." -

Rey Reyes - Reyes Engineering - Stone Mountain, GA.



PRODUCTION:  Making homemade booklets is the nuts and bolts part of it, the fun part, I think.  Let me assure you homemade booklet making is a simple table-top operation. (I've made thousands) Useless equipment can bog things down. 

The writing and marketing of eBooks is covered in my bonus manuals in this package. 

START WITH ONLY A COMPUTER, A FEW SHEETS OF PAPER, AND MY INSTRUCTIONS.  I'll guide your first homemade booklets into production at the lowest cost possible - made in your home.  Then I'll lead you gently into the printing world where my big $25 color covered manuals cost me about a buck and a half!  Simplicity is the rule.

Now a warning: None of the "self publishing" writers I have read tells how to publish; they suggest we have it done!  Nonsense.  This is purchase publishing, not self publishing.  The beginning mistake (and the fatal one) is when the homemade booklet maker commits to buy the outside services he can easily perform himself.  Now the insight: Don't give money away to other service providers.  This section tells about:

* How to make a homemade booklet a minute, by hand
* The duplicating and reproduction methods
* How to get slick, color covered, homemade booklets
 for $5.00 or less!

Another Real Person Testimonial

   "Your book was a blueprint for me to follow. My first how-to manual "Easy Cash Window Cleaning" was completed in less than 2 months after reading your homemade booklet. I'd been thinking about doing it for over two years. Ads have been placed, as you instructed, and I'm even making a profit! I'm working on my second manual. I wouldn't sell your homemade booklet for 5 times the amount I paid. It's a great investment. Keep up the good work, Don. Thanks again."
 Leon Rowe, Compton, CA               


MARKETING: I must insist that although mail-selling is a valuable device--and one you should use--other marketing methods are equally important.

More nonsense is written about mail order than any other subject.  Few mail-merchants actually have anything worthwhile to sell.  They buy self-competing products of poor quality and try desperately to sell them with assorted kinds of advertising madness. 

But you and I...we have a product rich in desirable qualities.  HOMEMADE BOOKLETS!!  THEY COST CENTS TO PRODUCE.  Thousands can be made on demand.  Middlemen cannot suck away profits.  THEY SUPPORT BIG SELLING PRICES - $25 AND MORE!  The market is unlimited.  Nothing packages easier.  No one in the world can sell your homemade booklets but you.  No one!

And what about advertising insanity?  All you need are my personal advertising methods that make me thousands every month. 

Click Here to discover how to market your eBook!

You'll get all these insights when you read the marketing part of my homemade booklet, along with:

* How to write a $200,000 sales letter
* How to pick the absolute best place to advertise
* How to write successful "HOT" classifieds 

Another Real Person Testimonial

"Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for help in making my business grow.  I hope you keep helping people on the road to financial independence!" -

Shaun Jones, Aurora, CO.

THERE'S MORE--all through the homemade booklet--things such as,

* 6 ways to double or triple your profits
* The homemade booklet or eBook that cannot fail
* 9 proven steps to research ANY topic
* VISA/MC accounts & 800 numbers 

Everything in my being rebels at the nonsense foisted onto innocent readers concerning self publishing, mail order, and earning money as a writer.  My homemade booklet combines these subjects with integrity into one grand business plan that has never existed until now.   Self publishing homemade booklets or eBooks IS the answer!

But will it work for you?  If you agree that nothing worthwhile is just going to fall in your lap, that some effort is required for any success, that there is no overnight riches scheme -- if you believe these truths, you will succeed with homemade booklets.  I'll help you every step along the way!  I'm only an e-mail or telephone call away.

Self-propelled homemade booklet and eBook makers earn $50,000 or more yearly by the urgency of self-interest.  Others are content to earn a good living and to save money.  I cannot say how much you will earn; I don't know the extent of your ambition. 

Nonetheless, this is a remarkable guide into A FACET OF SELFPUBLISHING -- ONE THAT NO COMPETITION CAN KILL -- ONE THAT IS HONEST, PRACTICAL, ASSUREDLY PROFITABLE; and one that never limits or bores you.


Another Real Person Testimonial

          "You could call your book "Unlock Your Creative Juices" I read it three times. Watched the videos twice. My brain felt as though someone put a ping-pong ball inside it - it just was bouncing with thoughts. I followed your instructions to the letter. I called people I know in Federal and State governments. I took in just the few beginning chapters - they went crazy. I wanted you to know that you were directly responsible for this burgeoning gush of creativity!- Jane Frost, Georgetown, MA      


Don Massey



Dear Friend,
I'm writing this note for a personal reason, to ask you to take a few minutes to reflect on what you have seen on this web site.  

This may be the luckiest day in your life and I say that sincerely.

Why do I say that?  Because I want you have the exciting and rewarding life I have now.  I use to WORK everyday except for those few meager vacation days.

I remember when Sunday evening was the worst time of the week.  That inexplicable feeling would come over me.  The week-end was over and I began to think about going back to work the next day.  Does that sound familiar?

Well, I'm writing this on a Sunday at 5:30 PM and I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  I'll never have to go to work again!!  I "work" but doing what one loves for yourself is not work.

People who know me say, how many hours a week do you work.  I say I don't work.  I play because I'm doing my passion..... selling information; a homemade booklet or eBook.  

Now I want to be absolutely honest.....  this new venture will require effort and time.  There is no get rich scheme.  I get excited about this not because of the money because it's fun.....  It just happens it can supply a very comfortable living....

Just a few days ago, Bob Saffill and I were talking on the phone.  Bob is my friend who wrote the introductory letter to the site.  I get so much pleasure from folks like Bob when I know the information in my package help improve their lives.  Oh, to prove I really do what I preach, go to my web site on obtaining an auto dealer license.  I have sold more car books than this book!  My primary income source is NOT this book..... unlike many "experts" you'll find on the Internet!  I walk the talk!

I'd like to do the same for you.  

I could go on with stories, but here's the point.  You need to prove it to yourself that you can have  the same exciting personal experience. 

Here's what I'll do to help.....

Here's the deal.....

You'll receive my manual "How to Start and Operate a Profitable Homemade Booklet Business".  Its price has been $27.  This is the same manual that thousands of others have purchased to get started in the information business. 

I am including two more manuals on creating and marketing an ebook.

Another Real Person Testimonial

         "I  just had to write you personally and let you know how much your book has helped me. I recently applied your information and techniques to a self publishing project. It has generated great sales in a little over 7 months.  My goal is to have 4-6 such projects. Imagine having a great  income while working in my home! Sure beats the days when I was in retail."
Vaughn Pyne, Contact Market Research, Las Vegas, NV        



"Special Internet Price"....  only $27 and you can have the ebook in less than 10 minutes.  Order right now and also receive
"Create Your Own EBook Without Ever Writing One Word!"
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"Ebook Marketing Revealed"
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As it has been my policy for 18 years, there is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by not taking me up on this fabulous offer because I give you my personal promise.  If at anytime, yes anytime in the future you're not satisfied with the information provided, I'll refund your your purchase price.

I unconditionally guarantee my ebook is everything it I say it is.

Yours for great success!

Don Massey
Fort Collins, Colorado
(970) 988-3682

P.S.  One more thing, my program contains something you don't get with any other of the so called money making programs.  The best, most unique learning tool there is...... A REAL PERSON.  Me!!  Always available to help in any way I can.  I've received a lot of questions about this business.  Here's the answers to the most asked questions.

No Risk 100% UNCONDITIONAL money back guarantee!

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HUNDREDS HAVE ATTENDED MY BLOCKBUSTER SELF  PUBLISHING WORKSHOPS in Houston, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Tampa, Miami, San Francisco, Sacramento and Washington. The following picture was taken at the University of Houston during a live video taping session.

Here's just a sample of comments from seminar attendees.

        "Good 'nuts and bolts' info"  "Excellent presentation" "Very professional and helpful"
"Don understands his field"  "More information than I expected"

Here I am sharing my self publishing eBooks secrets!



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